Enough with the chatter: How to be a real social media influencer

“Your primary use of social media is to prove you can solve [your customers’] problems. It’s not to engage in inane chatter with anybody and everybody who wants to ‘follow’ you.”

So says Australian consultant and author Gihan Perera in his e-book for business owners and leaders, Build Your Social Media Influence and Leadership. When using social media for business, he says, use it to magnify your core marketing efforts.

Your business is to solve your customers’ problems. Your marketing is to prove that you can do that. And you should use social media to magnify your marketing. In a nutshell: “Use social media for distributing content, not for having conversations.”

Instead of engaging in two-way conversations, building a network of hundreds of followers, and obsessing about Facebook and Twitter, you’ll find better value from tools that help you deliver your message – blogs, YouTube, SlideShare, email newsletters, Amazon.com, and the iTunes store to deliver great content – articles, videos, presentations, e-books, podcasts. Social media for business owners isn’t for small talk.

The most effective way to boost your social media presence is to publish high quality content. That means:

Commenting: “Make comments on other people’s material, but do it in a substantial way” by bringing your own perspective and expertise to the subject.

Curating: “Share other people’s material with your network” but be selective and only share what’s relevant to your network – and explain why it’s important to them.

Collating: “Point out patterns” in news, behaviour, scientific research – get the big-picture view that others don’t see.

Creating unique material: “Focus on content that proves you know how to solve your customers’ problems.”

Perera goes into greater detail in this15-page e-book, showing how and where to do each of these four activities, including 20 ways to leverage an article. (And I’m forever grateful he didn’t title it “20 Ways To…” – too many of those things out there, and I’d have given this one a miss.)

The e-book is sponsored by Citrix, and I downloaded this from the Citrix Resources page.

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